An Example of a Purpose-Activated Life: My Brother Dave

My brother Dave passed away last night after a four year battle with leukemia (and a battle with the treatment of the disease). He was a great guy. I would say that he lived a purpose-driven life. I first blogged about him in February 2012.

first blog

I blogged about Dave and my brother Paul (the donor for Dave’s bone marrow transplant) a few months later in April 2012. We had some great promise that Dave could beat this disease. My brother Paul is a great guy too. I think this experience gave him some new insight into a purpose-driven life.

I had another update blog in October 2013. He was battling the disease and also the healthcare system.

I saw Dave in August of 2015. We had a great conversation. He seemed optimistic, but I could tell that this disease (and the treatment of the disease) was really taking it’s toll. I came away from that (last) time with my brother Dave with a real sense of inspiration. I had been in the presence of someone who was still finding real purpose in his life and trying to make a difference every day in any way that he could.

I’ll miss my brother. He was a great guy.

I invite you to read more about him at this website.

brother Paul

I had the good fortune to attend Dave’s funeral and memorial service at Inland Hills Church with my siblings, and my son Jerry. It was a really special time. I got to see my nephew Andrew (now the Pastor at IHC) in action from the stage. And I got to view a special video that my nephew Austin made for his dad. My brother Mark read a great eulogy. I accidentally pushed the “stop” button on my phone, so here’s the 2nd part of that eulogy.

help my family in Chino

Lots of people asked what they can do to help my family in Chino, California (where IHC is located). I’ll forward my brother’s request. In leu of flowers …. TITHE. Donations can be made by going to this website:

The original title of this blog had the words “purpose-driven.” I now believe “purpose-activated” is the better term. I learned about this from reading Jon Mertz’s recent blog. I believe this better describes my brother Dave and his life’s purpose. He was always about “what are you going to DO, with what you KNOW?”

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